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I just completed the Leadership Transformation Coaching program and I thought it was a great experience. The lessons were realistic and things that I could start applying immediately. I'm seeing results and feeling the changes in myself and my team already!
Rhonda Pennington
Valorous Circle LLC
The Leadership Transformation Coaching Program, was just that, transforming. The program helped me to set goals, create plans and learn to manage my team and my business in a more proactive way. Their program is well taught and creates accountability that motivates and encourages change. I am already starting to see the positive impact in my business.
Jennifer Kok
Owner / Cookies by Design
Great team! I have worked with MasterMind Business Coaching in a number of ways - from being in a small business owners group facilitated by them, networking events, and a vision session. After completing the homework and facilitation process for the vision, I came out with not only a vision for my small business but also a long term plan for my family. Within a year both my business and my family faced forks in the road. I can honestly say with the vision laid out during our sessions with MMBC, I know we made better decisions about which routes to take.
John Brophy
Compass Property Management
I recently started working with Scott and MasterMind Business Coaching and have found the experience to be profoundly valuable. As a newer entrepreneur, I was conducting my day to day business responsibilities in a very reactionary way. With no written plan or goals, my day was determined by urgency rather than intent, and though the business was growing, it was difficult to see where we were headed. Scott led me through a process that has helped me to uncover our vision, mission, objectives, and goals for my future and the future of my company. I now have a clear understanding of what, how and why we do what we do, and a vision for the future to act as a guide in ongoing decisions so that I continue to reach my goals. I look forward to continuing to work with Scott and MasterMind Business Coaching to develop strategies and timelines to continue to progress towards my vision, and also to have their expertise and experience to depend upon.
Elizabeth Harrell
Crossroads Eldercare Planning
“The business of each day can keep anyone from taking the time to set the goals needed to create growth for our future. Mastermind has helped us focus on what matters most in our business. Not only setting goals for financial growth, but new ways of encouraging our team to focus on our partnership with our employees, customers and suppliers.”
Vona Matus
Midwest Food Equipment
“Mastermind helped me clarify the purpose and vision for my company through simple conversational questions that were easy to answer. They listened, asked followup questions and we’re able to reduce the clutter to help me create a simple and concise vision statement. Reading the statement after the whole process was complete was like a DUH! Moment, but the past few times I had tried this on my own was difficult. Their ability to cut through the clutter and help me focus on the important points was the key!”
Rudy Malmquist
“Our Vision sessions with Scott were very helpful for us as leaders of the company. They have given us areas we need to focus on to get a maximum effect on increasing market share, profits, and good procedures within our company. We highly recommend the vision sessions to anyone looking to improve themselves and/or their company.”
Gary Troost
Valley Truck Parts
“I was referred to Scott a year ago by some business owner associates of mine. I went through his Vision Session and came away extremely motivated due to clarity and understanding of what was always in my head but that I had difficulty getting my arms around and onto paper. I “figure things out” by talking out loud and with Scott providing a structure and path for the conversation to follow, I found myself answering my own questions and discovering my own epiphanies. It was an exhilarating process.”
Bill Boersma
OC Consulting Group
“Scott G helped the lab hire 2 Specimen Processors through a "group interview" procedure. This is the 1st time we have tried this method. It took us 3 weeks from start to finish for 2 people! Normally, this process can take us up to 3 months. We had a choice of over 70 people and narrowed it down to 7 within hours, not days. Great way to hire, we will do it again!”
Bridget Lorenz Lemberg
Forensic Fluids
"Scott did a fantastic job of organizing and leading a group interview for our company. We had 85 applicants for a position, and Scott suggested a group interview, which we agreed to, and it was very successful in identifying the traits in the candidate that we were looking for. It saved us endless hours of weeding through applications, as now we have the list reduced to 6 for personal interviews. The amount charged was also very reasonable, as again, it saved our HR personnel and myself countless hours. I would gladly and heartily recommend Scott and his services to oher companies looking for creative and cost effective ways to hire new employees.”
Steve Burman
Valley Truck Parts

Vision/Strategic Planning

Work through getting your vision out of your head and on paper.
“I have used the {MasterMind} group hiring process several times over the last three years to successfully fill nine positions at The Park Club of Kalamazoo. In one case, we had nearly two hundred applicants, and we were able to consider them all, and narrow the field to three finalists with just a few hours of time invested. Most of the applicants are impressed with our professionalism and hoped to work with us. Some realized our open position was not for them, saving us both time. You have taught us how to develop a powerful job posting to attract quality applicants, and coached us through the entire procedure. I highly recommend the process; it is truly a proven system that has delivered results for us.”
Craig Girolami
The Park Club
“I’m writing to thank you for the work you’ve done with Fishladder over the last several months. Your insights and expertise have helped us to take the necessary steps to move our company to the next stage of growth, and for that I’m extremely grateful. When I contacted you I found we were getting away from our mission, we were unsure how to capture the cost of our products, and were uncertain how to grow the business in these difficult economic conditions. Our coaching sessions have allowed me to make significant improvements to our process, and the three most significant are: A clear understanding of our profit margins on each of our products has allowed for a more focused and streamlined approach to sales growth, Identifying our costs more clearly lead to a significant reduction in our expenses, thus allowing us greater agility and less stress, and Increased awareness of work/life balance issues and how they relate to my personal goals resulted in positive changes to our business plan. Thank you again for your honesty and wisdom.
Mary Jane Pories
“Thank you for the time and effort you have spent coaching us. It has been a real eye opener realizing how busy we have been working “IN” the business. Before hiring you as our business coach we were swamped doing the daily tasks and neglected the planning or working “ON” our business. We didn't hold each other accountable for the planning because we were all just too busy. Now, we have extracted ourselves from our busy routines and set aside time to work “on” the business. With your help we have charted out long and short term plans, and you've held us accountable to the tasks. We have also defined our ideal client and created a grading criteria for existing and potential clients. We now evaluate everything with a new perspective thanks to you and your company’s services.”
David L. De Jager
De Jager Construction
“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the time you have spent with me and my business. It has been an interesting ride over the past year and we have made some great progress. Before working with you {MasterMind Business Coaching} I had begun to develop a negative attitude about my business and wasn’t taking the time to properly evaluate business decisions. Now I have a positive outlook again and the confidence to build my business and make good decisions. A couple of the areas in which I have benefited from coaching the most are the ideas and strategies that you have suggested that I would have never come up with on my own, and having an outsider to share my challenges with, brainstorm with, who asks great questions, and keeps me moving towards my goals. I believe I have a brighter future thanks to you your assistance and your Company’s services.”
Randy Swanson
Swanson’s Auto Service
“Prior to our working together, I had unsuccessfully tried to grow my business by bringing in people who I thought were the best sales people in my industry. Their compensation packages were poorly designed, they were not the people they presented themselves to be, and I did not provide enough leadership to get them headed in the right direction. That was then, this is now. By using your recommended hiring practices (positional agreements, group interview, etc.), I now have a qualified team in place. One that is honest, motivated, and “gets” my team concept. They also understand my Company’s Vision and Mission that I developed with your help. With the systems we have implemented my team is on the same page! My business is now headed in the right direction because your processes helped me to hire the right people. Thank you.”
Mike Prindle
Conner Michael Advertising
“I want to thank you for changing the direction of my business. You might remember in our coaching sessions early in the year where you challenged me on my ‘business attitude.’ You were right to hit me hard with the realization that to thrive I must change this critical piece of my thinking. My business has not been the same since then. It is true that it will take time for me to open new markets and relationships … but you have caused me to face this fact with enthusiasm. I can feel it, my staff senses it, and my clients recognize and appreciate it. This past year I would have struggled without your leadership and encouragement. Thanks again for being my coach and motivator.”
Paul Spoelstra CFP, CRPC
Milestone Wealth Management
“I know I’ve talked to you in the past about how much I’ve appreciated the MasterMind Group, but here are a couple things that hopefully you can share with others: I’ve appreciated being able to bounce ideas off of members who are successful business people. It’s also been great to hear some of the issues that others have brought that I hadn’t even thought of that we have been able to take and use. I have also appreciated the forms and checklists you have shared with us. They are things that I’d either never thought of or had never taken the time to put together myself. Thanks again for what you’re doing, it is much appreciated.”
Jim Gasaway
Gasaway Investment Advisors
“I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the help and learning I’ve received from being a member of the MasterMind Group. It has helped me to build my business over the past year and I wanted to share some of the results we’ve achieved by implementing several of the ideas and strategies: an increase in our closing rate from 45% to 49%, an increase in our total sales for the year of 10%, and most importantly, an increase in our bottom line profit of 30% We were able to achieve all of this during a year that many businesses were going backwards and I truly believe it is in part due to the guidance and knowledge I’ve gained from the MasterMind Group.”
Robert Freeman
Above Roofing
"At the very first {MasterMind Group} meeting, I asked for advice on my sales process during the peer-to-peer segment. I got some great suggestions, immediately put them into action, and boosted my next sale considerably. The program is already paying off for me after only one meeting and I can't wait to see what's next!"
Deborah Richmond
TekkBuzz Marketing
“If you haven’t experienced the MasterMind approach to planning…you’re missing out! They not only teach the best way to PLAN, but the best way to ASSURE that you EXECUTE on your plan. A must for busy professionals looking to increase efficiency and effectiveness of their time.”
Tim Alles
Alles Law

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