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MasterMind Qcombine

“The vital business networking event in your quest to achieve your dreams.” Now in its 5th year with over 80% repeat attendance.

Business Owners, Leaders and their Trusted Advisers sharing their wisdom and getting to know each other through facilitated discussions.

We believe that traditional networking events don’t work for most business owners because they are open to the public and heavily attended by salespeople, who have hijacked the event. TeamWe also believe that most entrepreneurs are isolated when making decisions and this is not a healthy situation.

Because of this, we’ve created something very different. Once a quarter, we host a breakfast or lunch for business owners, business leaders and trusted advisers who gather to build relationships on a deeper level and share ideas on relevant business topics for their organizations.

What makes the Qcombine different?

  • These events are by invitation only.
  • At the event, we will strategically seat you by someone we believe you should get to know.
  • Prior to the event, you’ll be provided a list of registered participants along with your seating assignment.
  • There will be a focused table discussion on a relevant topic that many business owners think about.  Examples of some past topics are:
    • Keys to a winning team
    • Incentive compensation
    • What leading and lagging indicators are you using in your business?
    • How do you evaluate an individual for a leadership position?
    • What are you doing to improve the customer experience and create raving fans?
  • This is a structured event which starts and ends on time.
  • Past attendees rated this event a 9 out of 10 for achieving their goals. They love the structure, the quality of people they met, and they came away with some great ideas for their business.

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Qcombine Event Structure

  • Introductions and socializing (20 minutes)
  • Facilitated table introductions and conversation during the meal (30 minutes)
  • Focused table discussion on a specific topic (30 minutes)
  • Announcements & wrap-up (10 minutes)

If you would like to apply to attend our next event fill out the application form on the right, or contact us at info@mastermindbc.com or give us a call.

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