Group Interview Process

Group Interview Process

SmilesTrouble finding talent?

If you are like many of the companies we have the chance to speak with, you are having trouble finding great talent. Why? The hiring process within most organizations consists of running an ad or contacting a recruiter, collecting resumes, reviewing/sorting through resumes until you get down to a predetermined number of potential candidates. You then invite each candidate to an interview, in which you’ll invest between one to two hours each.

This process is not only slow and grueling, but it also takes a lot of time and effort. And in the end, you may not have found an ideal candidate. In addition, you may have eliminated a great prospect based on what they wrote in their resume.

There is a better way

Imagine a process that causes the candidates to “de-select” themselves, rather than you de-selecting them based on what’s on a piece of paper (their resume). A process that allows key members of your team to be involved and have input on the best candidates. A process that allows you to meet, evaluate and observe EVERY candidate that attends … and being able to do all of this in less than 3 hours!

No more scouring resumes. No more wasted time with candidates who are not a good fit.

Use our proven Group Interview process. A Group Interview is all about helping you hire great talent in less time and effort than the process you are using now. We know that our proven process will help you identify and interview candidates faster and more efficiently than you are today and produce better results.

This is your chance to change your organization. With our proven process, guidance, and coaching you’ll identify great talent faster and easier than ever before.

Program Deliverables:

  • Guidelines and assistance in creating a classified ad that generates a bigger pool of right candidates,
  • Help to develop a brief organizational vision and culture for presentation to candidates,
  • A template and guidance for preparing a positional agreement with the desired results from the successful candidate,
  • Review of your presentation documents, including compensation and benefits, for the event,
  • Help with the selection of your event’s venue,
  • Coaching of employee participants in the event,
  • Professional facilitation of your group interview event, and
  • Guidance on post-event steps to ensure success, such as;
    • How the DISC profile should influence the one-on-one interview,
    • Using behavioral questions during the one-on-one interview, and
    • How to create and conduct a test drive of the final candidates

As Jim Collins, author of Good to Great says, “People are NOT your most valuable asset; the RIGHT people are your most valuable asset.” Let us help you make sure you are hiring the RIGHT people!


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