Business Growth and the Power of Thinking Big!

Business Growth - Thinking BigI’ve begun to notice that many business owners are thinking very small in terms of business growth and expansion. In fact, some have gotten so comfortable {or complacent} that they’re not sure they want to grow at all!

The problem with this type of thinking is that it causes business owners and their teams to think small. They think about business growth in very conservative terms, and that could be the companies downfall. After all, when you’re thinking about business growth in the 5% or even 10% range, you’re probably just trying to leverage what you’re already doing, “pushing” your company into the future. This slow incremental growth simply isn’t going to keep you ahead of the curve, or your competition for that matter!

Thinking Big about Business Growth

Whereas Thinking Big forces you to re-think everything! It causes you to re-evaluate:

  • what you’re doing and how you do it,
  • what you invest your time in,
  • your skills and what you need to get better at,
  • the team and the skills they must master,
  • the companies products, pricing, and client mix, and
  • your business model

It has been my experience that without this periodic re-evaluation, you will just keep doing what you have always done … and you’ll keep getting the same results you’ve always gotten!

Another advantage of Thinking Big is that once you have begun to think this way, your “radar” is now set to see outstanding people, innovations, technologies, and other factors that could help you significantly multiply your business growth. These opportunities are all around you, but unless you’re looking, you’ll never recognize most of them.

And the last advantage of Thinking Big is how it will transform your team! As you roll-out this big vision for business growth, you’ll see team members step-up; you’ll have a more enthusiastic group; people will become more creative and suggestive. Leaders within the team will emerge, and people will either buy-in to your bigger picture of the future, or they’ll realize that they no longer “fit in.”

The Bottom Line: 

If you want your business and people to thrive, and not just survive, then start Thinking Big about business growth. You’ll be surprised at the opportunities available and the transformation that both your team and YOU will experience.

Ask any questions you have about Thinking Big in the comments below. I’d also love to hear what your really big goals are for this year.

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