Business Coaching, What Is It and How Might I Benefit?

gearsI was recently watching a mechanic work on a neighbor’s truck in his yard. He opened the engine compartment and started looking around. The mechanic knew it wouldn’t start, but wasn’t exactly sure what was wrong.

He first looked in all the obvious places. Then he reached for a light and looked into places he couldn’t see before. The mechanic was checking to see if things looked the way he knew they should or whether something was clearly amiss.

Finally, he reached for a tool, tighten the cables on the battery, and told my neighbor to start the engine. He closed the compartment, and the problem was fixed.

So What is Business Coaching?

Like auto repair, business coaching isn’t rocket science. A business coach has the outside perspective and experience to:

  • look around,
  • ask a lot of questions,
  • find out if the business is operating the way we know it should, and
  • help business owners find the right tools to make the proper adjustments.

Business coaching is also about accelerating your progress. I’m sure that given the time you could eventually fix your cars issue but with the guidence of a good mechanic you’ll get the job done faster, and with a lot less frustration. What would it mean to you to “fix” your business quicker and with less frustration?

We typically know where to look and where to shed some light. We know how things should work and we know the right tools to use to help a business owner fix their problems. Sounds simple right?

What’s your reason for not having a business coach working along side you in your business? I’d love to hear your reasons so please post them in the comments below.


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