About MasterMind Business Coaching

MasterMind Business Coaching

  • Do you have a clear vision for your company?
  • Do you have the best employees in place?
  • Do you find yourself spending too much time working or scrambling to fix problems?

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. When every decision, every responsibility and every last detail comes down to you, it can be a lonely, overwhelming journey.

You don’t have to do it alone. MasterMind Business Coaching exists to give entrepreneurs like you the support you need to keep the momentum going as you build your business.

It’s okay to ask for help from people who have been exactly where you are. We know the challenges you face and the pressure you feel to do it all. We’re here to share our expertise and experience so you can reclaim time and watch your business flourish.

About Scott K. Goss

Scott Goss of MasterMind Business Coaching

Scott Goss has seen a lot in his more than three decades as an entrepreneur. He’s built, bought and sold several companies and knows what it’s like on your side of the desk.

The same challenges that complicate your life have complicated Scott’s—and he knows how to make running a company the rewarding experience it should be rather than the dreadful task it can become.

Scott’s experience includes entrepreneurial business leadership in sales, marketing, operations and systems development in start-up, fast-growth and mature companies. With more than nine years in public accounting and as CFO of a small company, Scott can talk numbers as well as concepts.

Everywhere Scott goes, he’s looking for success. That includes your business. He wants you to succeed, and he thrives on being able to help entrepreneurs build the right team of employees, create a strategic vision for the company and follow through.

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About Katherine Ley

Katherine is Scott’s virtual assistant. She supports Scott with the planning, marketing, and implementation of the MasterMind Qcombine events. Katherine manages the details of MasterMind Business Coaching so Scott is gifted more time to focus on achieving his business goals and pursuing his passions.

Katherine holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Central Michigan University and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment from Walden University. Katherine describes herself as a detail-work guru, problem-solver, student of life, sincere, good-natured, and supportive.

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